Men’s time

Fuck your girlfriend, turn her over, facing her back to you, and order her to say “Im a whore”, if she wants your dick fucking her pussy. So you have to stop inside her and wait her said it for every move.

Controlling everything

It’s time to have fun. If you want to show him how far you can go to prove that you are in control here is more one tip to use.

Prepare him a cup of tea, juices or a lot of water. Be shure he drinks everything, after that, tie him and wait that him beg you to use the bathroom.

You can have sex with him, making him hold everything.


– Tie him with his mouth closed. Put the anal plug in his ass and order him to sit down. If you want, tie him sitted in the chair with the anal plug near to you computer. Uses your toys to masturbate yoursef, watching a porn movies until he still tied and stocked without nothing.

Bubble gumĀ 

Order him to fuck you with a flavored condom, after he have an orgasm order him to eat and chew the flavored condom as a gum.

If you choose, do not allow him to have an orgasm just yours.


Tell him to masturbate himself and stop before the orgasm, and tell him to do it 10x. So tie him very tight and put your foot close to his dick, the one way that he can cum is trying to rub his dick in your foot. If you can, tie him without any movement, it will be funny to see him suffering.

You can set a timer to him, do some pauses, leave him there tied. Came back and give him another chance. 

Put a butt plug in his ass, ask him to beg you to help him. 

At the end you decided if he will be have or not an orgasm today.

During your period

When you are not able to have fun, you have to make him moist. So here is some ideas to do with him.

– Tie him naked at the corner of the house with his but plug and order him to gag your toy.

– Order him to grab his dick in your body, if he cum he will need to clean with his mouth.

– Order him to make a list of porns to you, describle all your favorites. If you like to turn it more interesting, order him to user his but plug.

– sort with a dice the number of times that you will fuck his ass with your toy or but plug.

When he drink beer

Whe he come back home later or after he drinks beer, give him water and tie him like a dog in the bedroom. He will ask you to leave him make pee. Leave him tied there until he is not able to control it and he will pee himself. 

He will choose

After his boyfriend remains a couple of days without any orgasm, tie his hands back and order him to grab his dick in your pussy, so he have to choose, to come in your pussy and lick it or still hard for more ten days. 

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