Bdsm chat

Ask to your boyfriend to close his hands, Pass a tape in his hands so he can not use them. Use a collar in his nack and tie him. Acess an bdsm chat and ask for ideas to use in him.

20 days challenge

Now I don’t have choices, my girlfriend will let me twenty days without to come. Today it was my first night teased by her. For now I’m feeling well. I hope she torture me so bad. If she needs I could use a cock cage at home. I think it will be interesting and exciting. I hope that she tapes my hands closed with gloves and tapes to use me like her dog with a collar in my neck. So I cannot use my hand to scape, that will turns all this more exciting. I can imagine stay all sunday walking at the floor for her, sometimes tied at some corner of the house.!

Chastity way

I don’t know about it. But the idea of being controlled by my girlfriend seems to be excited to me. Another day I saw a chastity cage cock at the internet. And I have some ideas of how interesting It could be. I could imagine my girl using me as her toy, letting me very excited, fucking me, and locking me with one chastity cage. I can imagine her putting the keys in places that I cannot find. Totally out of control.

The best one

Tie his hands and cover it with tape. Wear a collar on his neck and order him to stay at the floor like a dog.Place your panties below him, tell him that if he have to cum in your panties you will put it entire into his mouth and will close with a tape. Scrub your feets in his dick, wank him sometimes. If he has an orgasm, do what you said and leave it there for one hour.

A challenge 

Challenge your boyfriend to masturbate every day without have any orgasm for one week. In a day of your choice he will need to prove that he did the challenge as you ordered. So to prove he will need to be able to cum a lot.


Tie your partner regular and order him to scape. When he can’t, tease him, tighten the ropes, insert in his ass the plug and leave him there.


Lock his hand with a padlock, order him to cum on a plate, rubbing his dick, put on that plate the keys. He will need to take it with his mouth to be unlocked.


Once a week allow him 100 trusts with his bare cock inside your pussy. If he gets close to cuming he must pull out. If he pulls out before reaching 100 you show him how it is done by giving him 100 thrusts in his ass with a strap on. If he makes it to a 100 his ass is safe for another week, or the next time you fancy to use it.

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