Time to get hard

Every time that you don’t know how to punish his boyfriend remember that you have this blog. 

So here is 10 ideas to use when you don’t have idea that you will do to him.

1 – Use a rope to immobilizes him as tight you can, close his eyes with a bed sheet or something close. Be shure to have tied him asking you to try to leave. So leave him there and play computer and whatch him suffering in this position.

2 – Tied his hand in a chair leg, and  use a rope around his balls to use with collar. So you can do something in a computer, or sofa, movies, while you have him serving you like a dog close to your feet.

3 – Choose a porn to watch on your phone or notebook, lay on the bed, open your legs and order him to suck you and serve you while you enjoy a movie.

4 – Tied him sitting in a chair with his hand back, turn his face to you. So you can lick him or tease him, sitting in his dick. Or maybe just leave him tied in a chair watching you, pleasing yourself with your hands or watching something.

5 – Tied him leaving his ass close to your feet in a bed, you have to order him to stay with four, like a dog, facing his ass to you, close to your feet. So tied him tight in this position and leave him there while you lay relaxing in a bed, you can sometimes tease him with your feet.

6 – Lay on a bed facing your ass up, order him to lick your ass, or your pussy. If he stop to serving you rub his face in your pussy and tell you to continue.

7 – Order him to lay on the floor with his face up. Put a chair over him and sitting there. In this position your feets will be just in his face. Use it to have him licking your feets while you do your activities in a computer or use your hand to have an orgasm watching porns.

8 – Choose a porn, so to have fun fuck his ass with your finger in the same speed of the sex of the movie.

9 – Use a condom to have sex without leave him cumming. So when he is very excited, choose a day in callendar that he will be able to cum. But he will lick everything, make him promises you that he will lick everything.

10 – Using a collar in his neck, order him to lick your entire body for 30 minutes.


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