Five ways to control your boyfriend

Hi guys, I wrote this tutorials to improve your skills with your partner, if you have another ideas please leave a comment, thanks:

– Tie his boyfriend dressing just your panties, so turn the rope around it very tied, in this way he will be not abre to pull his dick over, like a chastity cage. If you want to make it more interesting, you can tie his hand and legs, tease him and have an orgasm using his tongue or your hand.

– Improvise a collar and training him to act like a dog, you can walk him to the room and tell him to have sex with your leg without cumming. You can exercice him to stay showing his tongue without put it in, and spank his ass every time he doesn’t.

– Training his boyfriend with a belt, make him concentrated in another thinks during the punishment, order him to bite something without leave while you have a nice fun striking the belt in his ass.

– Tie him and put some porns to him watch, he will be not able to have a hard dick. Every time he doesn’t you have to punish him

– Insert your panties into his mounth and cover it with a tape, have his face in your pussy without lick you


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