Girls with toys?

I don’t know what you think about it. But I love to use toys and to use it in my partner. And you guys? Do you have toys? I bring a small list and I would like like to discover yours.

1 – That’s my favorite, the chastity cage. For whatever genres, the chastity cage its good for newers in bdsm because I consider this kind of “game” an good way to start slowly. And because I think this is a key to make changes in your relationship.

2 – I really enjoy the ropes, to be tied without a chance to move. Always waiting what can happen…

3 – Butt plugs are very interesting, you have more than one feeling to concentrate while are using this in your ass.

4 – Dildo, tie his boyfriend and fuck yourself with a dildo while he is looking it’s a good way to have fun.

5 – Vibrators are a popular toys, everyone knows and I don’t have to comment about it, I just have it.


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