30 days of torture

During this days, try to use to yourself, use him to whatever you want. Make him wet and he will do what you need. Try to use your voice order him to do somethings like this:

– on your knees and licking my feet

– stay here like a dog until I cuming in the shower, or I came back

– take my clothes off and lick my pussy.

Another idea to make him wet is order him to whatch porn movies and save a list for you. So you can use it to cum early.

You can put your dildo grabbed at the mirror, and order him to suck it while you come or while you finishes your jobs at the computer.

You can order him to masturbate himself daily to pushes him horny

Order him to lick your panties when it gets wet.

Tie him with his clothes on, and put your best lingerie. So kiss him in his mouth during all night. He will be very excited, he will try to grab his dick in your cunt but without success.

Before take a shower, order him to stay on his knees, put his hands back and take off your panties with his mouth.

Tie him in a chair naked, stay on your knees and tease him with your mouth without touch it.

Tie his balls and use it like a collar 

Walk him like a dog

Use a rope in his neck and an anal plug, order him to grab his dick in your legs in a bed, after that order him to lick all your body, use his collar to put him in the right way.

Use a rope in his neck during the shower, and order him to stay on his knees licking you, spit in his mouth sometimes. Tie his collar in your feet and order him to lick you during the shower.

Order him to clean the floor of the biggest room, picking him by his hair order him to lick the floor to see if its cleaned.

Put the anal plug at the small chair, order him to sit, tie his hand and tell him that you will let you go if his dick get hard.

Order him to massage you, if he do it right, let him choose one of 5 tortures that you like.

Lock him outside at the balcony with clothes and his anal plug. Masturbate yourself at the room with your toy while he watch you.

Fuck him with the anal plug 20x, he have to stay in silence, every noise you will start again.

Let him cum but but fucking just with the anal plug, if he cans.

At the day 15, order him to clean the walls at the bathroom, tie his hand back order him to grab his dick in the wall, let him cumming if he cans, he will clean with his mouth.

Put the anal plug, and tie it with a rope, or order him to do it. Order him to pick a cup of water to you, or take the clothes off the washing  machine.


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