How to control your girlfriend

Hi, today I decided to write an article about men’s in control. I will talk about how to control your girlfriend with her asking for more. 

It’s important to know your girlfriend to don’t make some mistakes. Each couple have to know each other and keep the respect between them.

In my case I like to be controlled by my girlfriend every day, how much bad she will, more will be my pleasure. 

So, start by games with her hands tied, try to use ropes that doesn’t hurt her arms. Pay attention to her, to her feedbacks, to know what is going good or bad to her.

When you discover what she likes, try to tie her hands back and have sex to her at the point that you feel her will have an orgasm, stop before that and wait a minute to start again. She will be screaming and asking you for more and will do everything that you want to have an orgasm.

You can use a vibrate or do thins to make her horny, tease him how far you can. So try to ask her to do something that you want or you will not allow her to come.

You can do it regularly to keep her horny.


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