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Wearing your lingeries, sit in front of your computer and put your boyfriend tied near to you. Place him In the floor with a collar in his neck. Order him to close his hands and wrap a tape to do not allow him to escape. Tell him to do what you want, otherwise he will not have an orgasm. 


Use your toy, play around the room and ask him to bring to you. He will need to take with his mouth.

Put his anal plug

Order him to lick you

Order him to suck your toy

You can play a game at the computer, if you win he will have an orgasm

Walk him until the room and order him to fuck you. After tie him in a small room with your panties in his face.

Tie him in the bathroom until you take a shower, you can grap your dick in the walls to have fun, order him to lick it before it.


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